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Equal Opportunities Policy

The aim of this policy is to communicate the commitment of the Chairman and Members of the Council to the promotion of equal opportunity in Blackwell Parish.

It is our policy to provide employment equality to all, irrespective of:

  • Gender, marital or family status
  • Religious beliefs or political opinion
  • Disability
  • Race or ethnic origin
  • Nationality
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age

We are opposed to all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.  All full time and part time employees and job applicants (actual or potential) will be treated fairly and selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude and ability.

We recognise that the provision of equal opportunities in the workplace is not only good management practice, it also makes good business sense.  Our equal opportunities policy will help all employees to develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.

We are committed to:

  • Preventing any form of direct or indirect discrimination or victimisation
  • Promoting equal opportunities for women and men
  • Promoting equal opportunities for people of all religions and none
  • Promoting equal opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Promoting equal opportunities for ethnic minorities
  • Promoting equal opportunities for people of different sexual orientation
  • Promoting a good and harmonious working environment where all men and women are treated with respect and dignity and in which no form of intimidation or harassment will be tolerated.
  • Fulfilling all legal obligations under the relevant legislation and associated Codes of Practice
  • Taking all necessary positive/affirmative action, including setting goals and timetable

Breaches of our equal opportunities policy and practice will be regarded as misconduct and could lead to disciplinary proceedings.

This policy is fully supported by the Council and was approved at the meeting held on……………

Signed by:……………………………  Date …………………..

Chairman, Blackwell Parish Council.

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